About Me

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I love being passionate about what I do because it’s different. I absolutely enjoy promoting that hard work and athleticism can still be beautiful and feminine. I believe in developing what you were given – your body and mind. Be passionate about something because it makes you better, stronger, happy and purposeful. We’re all blessed with will power, but it’s up to one to dig deep and discover it through their life trials and experiences. And if I can inspire just one person to pursue the greatness and beauty in their strength, that’s one more enduring person that has endowed this world.

Personal Info

Real Name: Melody Decena Wyatt

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Location: New Mexico

TEAM Bodybuilding.com Athlete
Sergeant in the Army National Guard

Primary MOS: Food Operations Specialist

Full-time Position: Health Systems Technician


Right after I had my daughter, I was determined to get the body back I had pre-pregnancy so I did the only thing I knew how to do, which was run and do some callisthenic exercises I had acquired from Army physical training.


In the months following, I met a friend while on duty who was pretty well-rounded when it came to bodybuilding. We started going to the gym together; however, as we walked through the doors, we went our separate ways- he hit the weight room while I decided to continue on being a cardio bunny. Yes, the cardio and light exercises helped me to progressively shed the baby weight, but then I just felt thin and quite honestly, bored of the same treadmill routine every passing day.


It wasn’t until I saw Jamie Eason on bodybuilding.com when I became inspired and intrigued by the fitness world. I remember telling my friend, “Oh my gosh, I want a body like that! “Well, you are not going to get it with you being on the treadmill all the time,” he replied. I knew he was right. I wanted something more challenging for myself; I wanted to transform and embark on something I’d never done. I desired to live my life with passion for something; I wanted to feel empowered, live a long healthy life. I wanted to be an example of willpower to my daughter, and something worth telling my grandkids about. I felt drawn in and so excited; I knew this journey was meant to be so I decided to run with it and gave it my all.

I began to immerse myself in research. I was intrigued by this newly found lifestyle and the more knowledge I acquired, the more motivated and determined I grew. I began to eliminate the bad things out of my diet like bread, sugars, alcohol, fast food, etc. then I started following Jamie Eason’s meal plan. Instead of spending time on the treadmill, I decided to head for the weights with my friend in where he opened my eyes to the benefits of lifting heavy. I soon discovered that the cleaner I ate and the more intense I trained, the better my progress came. I discovered a journey that changed my life and I soon became hooked on this lifestyle.


Once I had a taste of what my body was capable of achieving, I made the decision to one day compete. I picked a show and committed to it. Taking that step gave me the motive and drive to push myself even harder. I knew that I wanted to be the best on that stage and I refused to look like a fool up there. Deciding to dedicate myself to a competition was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It truly helped me in developing and strengthening my discipline and willpower.


I look back now and I can’t believe that I thought doing countless hours of cardio was going to help me obtain my dream body. I’m so grateful that I was able to realize that heavy lifting and cleaner eating was going to help me succeed in my fitness goals. I couldn’t imagine not taking that step in committing to this lifestyle. I’ve not only grown stronger physically, but I’ve discovered myself and have gained mental strength as well. I’m happier, healthier, and have something to strive towards and be motivated about.


I love this sport because it has completely transformed my entire life for the best. Now I can utilize my success to give back to others through inspiration!

Melody Wyatt NPC Competition