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Picture Your Perfect Body

 My Fit 360 video is up on, where you can get my ENTIRE training, nutrition, and supplementation regimen. If you're plagued by the "never" mindset, I hope you can find courage and inspiration in my story and get started on your own fitness journey! Be sure...

Melody Wyatt Nutrition
How to stay lean all year

While Melody Wyatt stays relatively lean most of the time, she's a big foodie. That means she doesn't shy away from cheeseburgers, cheesecake, pizza, barbecue, and the other supposed no-no foods. "There's a time for play and a time for work," she says. This mentality...

Low Carb/Low Fat Portobella Chicken Burger
Portobella Chicken Burger

Ingredients: 3.5 oz of finely shredded/chopped chicken (mine was already cooked) 2 Portobello mushroom caps (you can find these in the produce section of your grovery store) 4 Tbsp. egg whites 1 slice of almond or veggie cheese Chopped onions & jalapeños (optional) Roma tomatoes, spinach, advacdo (whatever veggies you'd like on your...