Is Creatine Safe For Women?

12 Dec Is Creatine Safe For Women?

CGT-10 Lemon Lime Creatine

So I got a question from a guy asking if its safe for his wife to take creatine… YES, absolutely!! Creatine works at the muscular level to support strength, power, explosive energy and endurance. There’s lots of evidence to support creatine’s effectiveness in women. Just like men, our bodies utilize creatine in the same manner, and we can expect to see similar results. Its a staple in my supplement regimen. I take Optimum Nutrition‘s CGT-10 which is a blend of Creatine (5g), Glutamine (3g) and Tuarine (2g); and my favorite way of taking it is by mixing my Wild Berry CGT with my yummy Aminos in my gym drank to sip on while training and/or in my post-workout protein shake! So ladies, don’t be afraid to supplement with creatine.. its shown some pretty impressive results including increased strength and power, gains in lean muscle mass, reduced fatigue, improved recovery, endurance, and greater muscle hydration and nutrient flow. Stay Strong, Friends!

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